Meet Rabbi Yael E. Saidoff AMFT 109831

Registered Associate Marriage and Family Therapist
Under licensed supervision of Dr. Joel Crohn Ph.D. - PSY 5735

There is nothing more powerful than how we see and are seen.  In an authentic therapeutic relationship, real healing and growth is possible.  Rabbi Saidoff has helped hundreds of couples and individuals - of all backgrounds, ages and identities - to grapple with life transitions, loss, relationship struggles, anxiety and depression. Rabbi Saidoff combines her deep spiritual path, neuroscience background, meditation experience and psychological training, to understand her clients from a holistic mind-body-soul perspective.


Speak to Your Soul

And Your Soul Will Sing.

Why Psychotherapy?

It can help transform your struggles into strengths:

Couples and families engage in new ways that enable empathy and support to flourish.

Life Transitions

Loss of a loved one, career changes, immigration, marriage/separation.

Parenting Guidance

Practical tools for effective parenting.

Spiritual Health

Tools for connecting with your higher Self as a means to live a deeper and more authentic life.


Develop self-compassion and self-esteem. Healing from trauma and abuse.

Stress and Anxiety

Mindfulness, cognitive therapy and a relational approach to increase well-being.

Relationship Struggles


The most spiritually significant experience I had in 2017 was during my time with Rabbi Yael Saidoff.  Specifically her instructions led me to confront the question that constantly arises for me: "What do you want?" I discovered a place of absolutely honesty deep within my heart, that answered, "Intimacy".

—  Valerie E.

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