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Couple's Counseling

The foundation of healthy relationships depends on a foundation of trust and effective communication.  In couple's counseling I have a plethora of tools to help you get back on track.


I offer a safe space for you and your partner to explore and grow together. Over the course of a limited number of sessions I can help you to develop skills that can last a lifetime.

Get unstuck and become more connected in healthy ways with relationship counseling services.

Family Therapy

In family therapy I can help your family find constructive and positive ways to resolve conflicts and manage emotions.

Whether you need support dealing with loss, instructions on how to cope with children's challenges more effectively, or healing after trauma, family therapy may be right for you.

Sometimes even adapting to positive changes can be disruptive. A new job, relocation, or a child's graduation or wedding can present unexpected challenges. 

In therapy, everyone must feel heard, empowered and included.  All members of a family must develop better communication techniques and conflict resolution skills.

If you feel like this may be helpful to you, contact me now to book an initial consultation.

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